Peggy Sue’s Diner – Back to the 50’s

by Sanne
Peggy Sue's 50's Diner, Las Vegas Blog

We got up early today to drive all the way from LA to Las Vegas. There is only one highway to Las Vegas, so it is easy to find your way, but the landscape is a bit boring, and the 4-hour drive felt much longer.

When it was time for lunch, we had prepared ourselves for the usual Mc Donald’s misery, as we suddenly saw a sign for Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner. The diner is located just after Barstow (take exit Ghost Rd.) and it was such a fun place. It’s a real, old school American diner with waitresses in pastel polyester dresses, jukebox and an Elvis fortune teller. The food is typical diner food, but their milkshakes are really good and so are their curly fries. There are 3 large dining areas, each with its own theme, so finding a table wasn’t a problem, when we were visiting.

Peggy Sue’s Diner, 35654 Yermo Road, Yermo, CA 92398

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