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Las Vegas: The Samba Hour at SushiSamba

by Sanne
SushiSamba in Las Vegas

SushiSamba has been in Vegas since 2009, and when AC and I stayed at The Palazzo this was our place to go for drinks and small plates. I’ve been to other branches SushiSamba and I love how they manage the challenging task of combining Japanese, Peruvian and Brazilian cuisine into a winning concept.

The popular Samba Hour (SushiSamba’s happy Hour) is Sunday to Friday 4pm-7pm and after 11pm. This is the time to go for a more affordable experience of what SushiSamba has to offer. Small plates are $6 and cocktails are $7, but the menu is only available in the bar. If you want the full culinary experience of SushiSamba, go for a table inside the restaurant. The kitchen does not close until late, which makes SushiSamba a good place to start a night out in Las Vegas.

What to wear?
I do not think there is an official dress code, but most people dress up.

SushiSamba, Grand Canal Shoppes (near Tory Burch), Las Vegas

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