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Bangkok: Terminal 21 – Bangkok Shopping Guide

by Sanne
Terminal 21, shopping in Bangkok

Terminal 21 already opened back in 2011, but it took me quite a while to visit this much-hyped mall. I expected Terminal 21 to be just another luxury-shopping-mall-clone, like the ones around Siam, but I was wrong. First of all, even though you’ll recognize some high-street brands, most of the designers at Terminal 21 are local or regional, and you’ll find stuff here not available anywhere else. Most items are very affordable, which makes Terminal 21 a shopping paradise for fashionistas on a budget.

The layout resembles an airport departure terminal, and there’s a big board showing the mall’s different “destinations” (=floors). My favorite floor is Tokyo, which is packed with small shops selling the cutest, pastel-colored outfits and accessories. The restrooms have Japanese toilets with sound, heat, bidet and dryer.

Most of the shops at Terminal 21 primarily cater to local customers, so if you’re not a size 0, it can be a challenge to find anything you’ll fit into. Though there are lots of other things than clothes to spend your money on at Terminal 21, so don’t worry, you won’t leave empty-handed. All the small shops make Terminal 21 appear very market-like, and the general price-level is not much higher than at most markets in the city.

The Pier 21 Food Terminal on the 5th floor is one of the best and cheapest food courts in Bangkok with most dishes priced around 30-60THB. You purchase a plastic card at the cashier near the entrance, which you then use as payment.

• Not all the shops will let you try the clothes on, and the standard sizes are very different, and a lot smaller than in Europe and USA. It’s a good idea to take your own measurements, before you go and bring a measuring tape to the mall so you can find the right size for you.

• Terminal 21 is very conveniently located right next to Asok BTS station, and you can go directly from the station to the mall via an air bridge.

• Don’t miss Pink Pvssy (horrible name, I know) on Istanbul floor. It’s a fun shop with trendy jewelry and accessories at very affordable prices.

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Terminal 21, Sukhumvit Soi 19, Asok, Bangkok

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