Bangkok: Above Riva – Giant cocktails in the sun

by Sanne
Above Riva, rooftop bar and restaurant, Riva Arun, bangkok

//Sponsored post – In collaboration with Riva Arun//

After I had checked in at Riva Arun I met with Joi from the hotel for a drink upstairs at Above Riva, which is the hotel’s rooftop bar and restaurant. As we arrived, we walked right into a photoshoot of the bar’s new giant cocktails, which were the size of a fish bowl. The staff explained that they were meant for sharing with friends. Very thirsty friends, I assume. To keep the drinks chilled, they were using frozen gummy bears. A great idea, that I can’t wait to try at home.

When they were done with the photoshoot, the staff asked me if I wanted to taste the giant cocktails? Of course I would (I thought you’d never ask)! The drinks were tasty and fruity and perfect for a hot summer afternoon. I assumed that they hadn’t added alcohol, as the drinks were intended for the photoshoot, but halfway through the drink I asked them anyway, and they told me that yes, there’s alcohol in it. So when I went to visit Chinatown later I wasn’t just happy, I was also rather tipsy. Cheers and welcome to Bangkok!

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Above Riva at Riva Arun Hotel, 92/25-26 Maharaj Road, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, nearest BTS: Saphan Taksin

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