Bangkok: Hojicha Kakigori at After You Dessert Cafe

by Sanne
Hojicha Kakigori at After You Dessert Cafe, Bangkok

After You Dessert Cafe became famous for their Shibuya Honey Toast, which hit Bangkok big time a couple of years ago. Today, the new star stealing the show at After You (and dominating Insta-feeds all over the city) is the Hojicha Kakigori. It looks like an edible version of Mt. Fuji, and it is absolutely delicious.

Kakigori is the Japanese version of shaved ice (bingsu in Korean), which has been huge in Asia for years, and which I think is something we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the U.S in 2018, at least according to my food trends crystal ball. It’s light and fluffy, like new-fallen snow and comes with different kinds of flavors and toppings. The Hojicha Kakigori at After You is made from hojicha, which is roasted Japanese green tea. It’s more brown than it’s green, and the flavor has a strong hint of coffee and caramel. Topped with cream and kuromitsu (Japanese syrup), and packed with tea jelly, this is a great dessert that doesn’t just look good on Instagram, it’s really tasty too.

Of course we also had one of the Shibuya Toasts, because they don’t come much better than the ones at After You. My favorite is the Ferrero Rocher toast. The butter-toasted bread is soft and fluffy, and more like brioche than ordinary sandwich bread. At After You, the ordinary size is meant for sharing, so if I’m just just me, I usually order the Baby Size toast, which is more than enough for 1-2 persons.

After You, Siam Square One, Siam Square, Bangkok

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