Bangkok: Chatuchak – Touristy but nice

by Sanne
Bangkok, Chatuchak

Yesterday, I went straight from the airport to Chatuchak Market. The market is a nice place to kill a Sunday afternoon even though it has become very touristy.

There’s an outdoor food court in the market, which used to be really busy. You would have to yell to get the food vendor’s attention and with no English menus available you would then place your order in improvised sign language.

Today all the vendors in the market’s food court have English menus and even though I looked really hard, I didn’t manage to spot any Thais around the small plastic tables. My lunch wasn’t very impressive either. The food didn’t taste of anything and the soup was watery and lacked salt. On my way out of the market, I passed a group of food stalls, which seemed to be catering more to locals. I think they would be a better bet for a yummy meal than the market’s central food court.

Chatuchak is still a cool place to visit, and if you’re after inexpensive, local brands, it’s a good place to start shopping. Though it’s not as cheap as it used to be, and you’ll find many of the things to be selling at the same price as in Terminal 21 and Asiatique. For a more local experience, I would head over to JJ Green Vintage Market instead, which is a night market right next to Chatuchak.

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