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Bangkok: Din Tai Fung in Central World with AC

Din Tai Fung, Bangkok

AC arrived late last night from Hong Kong and it was after 2:00 before we fell asleep. In spite of that, we managed to get up quite early, ready to go out and see more of Bangkok. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit gloomy, so we decided to dedicate today to some shopping in the malls around Siam BTS station.

AC was the one to introduce me to all the wonders of soup dumplings last year at Din Tai Fung in Los Angeles, so Din Tai Fung in Central World was an obvious choice to celebrate our reunion in Bangkok.

Last time I was at Din Tai Fung in Bangkok, it had just opened and the restaurant was almost empty. Now I guess the rumor about their magnificent soup dumplings has spread, as there was a long line outside and a 15 minutes waiting time to get a table.

We had soup dumplings (20 pcs), chili and vinegar wontons (20 pcs) and sweet potato dumplings (6 pcs). The soup dumplings and wontons are my favorite Din Tai Fung items, but I always end up slightly disappointed with the other dishes, I occasionally order, and this was also the case with the sweet potato dumplings, which I thought were rather bland. Note to self: Just stick with the soup dumplings and wontons.

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