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Bangkok – Sky Bar on top of the world

Sky Bar, Bangkok

On the 63rd floor, on top of Lebua State Tower, is Sky bar, which is the world’s highest open roof top bar. If you’ve watched The Hangover Part 2, you’ll probably recognize the surroundings. Now it was my turn to get better acquainted with the Wolf Pack’s Bangkok habitat so dressed in my last clean dress, I passed the dress code inspectors in the lobby area and gained access to the elevator, which would take me to the top floor.

As I stepped out from the elevator, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and the wonderful view. First reaction? You want to take a picture. But you can’t, “no ma’am, stopping not allow, pictures not allow, please go to bar”. So you follow the rest of the crowd to the strictly confined space called Sky Bar.

One of the disadvantages of traveling alone is that there is nobody else to take your picture. All those shaky iPhone selfies get a little tedious after a while, but luckily, I was able to team up with a young Thai couple, who gladly photographed me and Bangkok, if I took some pictures of them in return.

The view from Sky Bar was absolutely fantastic, but the bar itself didn’t impress. I think 99% of the guests in the bar that night were tourists, and they were armed with cameras and ready to fight to the bitter end for the best spots to capture their Kodak moments. Consequently, the vibe is more sight-seeing that party, and you feel like tourist-cattle every step of the way.

You do not pay any cover charge, but the drinks are very expensive. There’s no seating areas available, so despite the beautiful views, I wouldn’t recommend Sky Bar for a night out. Instead, go there after dinner on a weekday, and go there for the views and not for the drinks.

My favorite rooftop bar in Bangkok is Octave at Marriott

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Sky Bar, Lebua State Tower, Silom, Bangkok

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