Los Angeles: An early morning at the Hollywood Sign

by Sanne
The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles

Poul and I got married in Las Vegas back in 2011, and some of our best friends from Denmark and the Faroe Islands joined us on the trip. We started out with one week in Los Angeles before we drove to Las Vegas and spent another week there. It was my third time to visit Los Angeles, and Poul’s second time, but while this was the trip that really made me love LA, Poul never got the same kick out of the city, and he hadn’t been back since.

No matter if you love LA or not, visiting the Hollywood sign is really something special, and I try to go up there, every time I’m in LA. Everybody knows that sign, which overlooks the city and quietly reminds you that This is Hollywood, the place where dreams and movies are made.

You can’t go all the way up to the Hollywood sign, but we drove up to the dog park, which is the closest you get. We went early in the morning, so we almost had the photo opportunity all to ourselves, but I somehow managed to mess with the camera functions, so my photos all came out low-res with a strange sepia hue.

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