Boom Boom Curry

Masala Mama
10 oz


The Boom Boom Curry is a vibrant blend of spicy, savory, sweet, and tangy flavors, each striking a perfect balance for an explosion of taste. The curry goes with any protein, but it is particularly delicious with hard-boiled eggs. This culinary delight traces its roots to the Parsis (migrants from Persia) known for pioneering the slow food movement in India.

The Boom Boom Curry is not only vegan but also crafted with the highest quality ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil. It’s free from added sugar, artificial ingredients, and preservatives, boasting a composition that’s wholesome, gluten-free, and verified non-GMO.



How to use?

Cooking with Boom Boom Curry is a breeze. Simply sear chicken, meat, seafood, tofu, boiled eggs, or vegetables in 2 tbsp oil. Add sauce; rinse out the jar with ¼ cup stock or water and add. Cook till done, add more stock or water if too thick. Adjust salt. Serve hot with rice or naan.

10 oz

All natural • Verified non-GMO • No added sugar • Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and naturally gluten-free ingredients • Vegan • Paleo • Spice Level: Medium – Hot

Ingredients: Onion, Tomato, Water, Dates, Garlic, Tomato Paste, Tamarind Paste, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ginger, Jalapenos, Spices, Salt, Mustard Seeds, Fresh Curry Leaves, Crushed Red Pepper.

Contains Milk. *Non-GMO


About Masala Mama

Masala Mama, known as Nidhi Jalan, was born in Calcutta, India, where a nurse’s playful nickname at her birth foreshadowed her culinary destiny. Despite her spicy moniker, Nidhi’s early food experiences were in a large, multi-generational household where meals were often bland. Her real passion for flavors blossomed in the kitchen among the household staff, savoring dishes rich in spices. After moving to New York for a Masters of Fine Arts degree, Nidhi’s longing for authentic Indian flavors led to the creation of Masala Mama, a venture blending her love for art and traditional Indian cuisine, offering a taste of home-cooked Indian meals with ease.

The real game-changer came at a dinner party. Chatting with a worn-out hostess who loved Indian food but was overwhelmed by the endless ingredients and hours needed to cook it, Nidhi had a lightbulb moment. Why not make it easier for everyone to enjoy these amazing flavors? That’s how Masala Mama was born – out of a dream to bring those awesome, home-cooked Indian flavors right to your table, minus the hassle.