Porcini Risotto

Wine Forest
12 oz


Wine Forest’s Porcini Risotto offers a gourmet, ready-to-cook meal option, blending arborio rice with rich, wild porcini mushrooms for an authentic Italian dining experience. This product simplifies creating a luxurious dish at home, requiring only the addition of water and optional butter or cheese for creaminess.

The risotto has an intense mushroom flavor. I like eating it on its own, with a good baguette on the side, but it’s also delicious as a side to a beef dish. I’ve tried making the risotto with different kinds of broth, and I think a good mushroom broth, or a mild beef broth work best. Make sure the broth you’re using isn’t too salty, or you might want to leave out any additional salt in the recipe.


To serve 3

1 cup Wine Forest Porcini Risotto

1 ½  Tablespoons olive oil

½ teaspoon salt

½ cup dry white wine

3 cups stock, warmed

2 Tablespoons butter

¼ cup grated parmesan cheese

Ingredients: Arborio rice, California Porcini, Organic: shallots, shiitakes & garlic   


12 oz



About Wine Forest

Wine Forest Wild Foods, founded by Connie Green, has been a pioneer in the American wild mushroom industry since the early 1980s. Starting with solo foraging efforts, Green built a reputable business by supplying high-quality wild mushrooms to renowned chefs and restaurants. Her dedication to sustainability and deep respect for the forest ecosystem underpins the company’s ethos. Wine Forest Wild Foods has expanded its product line beyond mushrooms to include wild shrubs, pickles, spices, and more, earning numerous accolades for its commitment to quality and sustainability. The story highlights the journey from early skepticism about wild mushrooms in America to widespread culinary appreciation, reflecting a broader recognition of the value of wild, foraged foods.