Bangkok: The Thai Freak FreakShake at Patissez (CLOSED)

by Sanne
The FreakShake at Patissez, bangkok

Patissez is now closed, but if you are craving something sweet I can recommend After You dessert café.

It looks like FreakShakes are here to stay, so even though it’s a while ago, let me tell you about my first FreakShake encounter in Bangkok. The original FreakShake was invented by the Australian café Patissez, so when I found out they had a branch in Bangkok, this was where I decided to go to have my very first FreakShake. 

I picked the Thai Freak, which has been specially developed for Bangkok. It has Thai tea, coconut ganache and salted caramel, and it was a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate.

It was gigantic, so after a decent attempt to finish the FreakShake, I got up and went to the counter to pay. I reached for my wallet and realized that very moment, that the wallet was in another bag at the hotel! So embarrassing! I apologized a hundred times to the staff and suggested that I left my camera as a security deposit while I went back to the hotel to get the money.

Luckily, they were fine with that, but I was still so embarrassed I ran all the way back. 30 minutes later I could hand over the money in return for poor Mr. FujiFilm who didn’t have the slightest idea of what was going on.

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