LA: Cassia – Cool restaurant in Santa Monica

by Sanne
Cassia - Los Angeles

I like everything about Cassia. The big, airy dining space and the buzzing sound of people socializing around the tables The Asian-Californian menu, which might look like one big mess at first sight, but which you soon realize takes the best from each cuisine involved and turns it into something even bigger.

Now back to the menu. Cassia is one of the places, where you can bring even the pickiest of your friends, because the menu really has something for everyone. Oysters? Salads (with jellyfish!)? Grilled meat? It’s all on the menu, and the good news is that it isn’t just mediocre versions of uninspired fusions. No compromises are made in terms of taste, and one of the best laksas, I’ve ever had was the one I had at Cassia.

Cassia is an excellent restaurant, and even if you aren’t staying in Santa Monica, Cassia is one of those restaurants you don’t want to miss, when visiting LA.

The restaurant is huge with plenty of tables available, so even though I went while Cassia was THE hottest thing in town, it worked out fine to get a table. If you’re planning to dine at Cassia on a Friday or a Saturday, booking a table in advance might be a good idea.

What to order: The Grilled Pig’s Tail. It’s slightly fatty but oh so tasty. Wrap it in a lettuce leaf and dip it in the delicious, Vietnamese sauce.

What to wear? Cassia is casual but still chic. I think jeans would be ok if paired with a nice top and maybe a pair of heels.

• There’s food for all tastes and wallets. The laksa is $22 and it’s sufficient as a main course, but if you want a little more such as oysters and grilled meat, it quickly adds up.

• A 3% charge is added to the bill to help offer full health coverage to all staff members. An excellent idea, if you ask me.

Cassia, 1314 7th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401, Santa Monica

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