Commissary (now Openaire) – Brunch in a greenhouse – Los Angeles

by Sanne
Commissary, The Line Hotel, Los Angeles

Commissary is now closed and the restaurant Openaire has opened instead

First brunch in LA was at Commissary, which is a nice rooftop restaurant inside a giant greenhouse at The Line Hotel. We started out with each our cold pressed juice, before we decided to share an Eggs Benedict, a cauliflower tempura and a cheese plate. 

The size of the portions in the U.S. are so big that it’s easy to order too much food, and the 3 dishes we ordered also turned out to be much more than we could eat. I also liked the settings a lot. You’re inside but it feels like you’re sitting outside in someone’s garden. On top of a hotel:)

Eggs Benedict origins from the States, so I guess that’s why they’re so good at making that dish over here. I think I’ve had around 7 Eggs Benedicts on my trip so far, and none of them has been bad. The ones we had a Commissary was also really good and came with hash browns on the side and a slice of prosciutto under the eggs. Really delicious!

Openaire, The Line Hotel, 3515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90010

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