Los Angeles: A sunny Sunday at Smorgasburg

by Sanne
Smorgasburg, Los Angeles

Since June this year, the popular Brooklyn food market Smorgasburg is also in Los Angeles. Smorgasburg is a food lover’s paradise, so after we found out about this, there was only one place Trine and I wanted to be on a Sunday afternoon.

It looks like Smorgasburg has had a great start in LA, and the big market space between the industrial buildings was busy from we arrived and until we left.  The number of vendors seemed somewhat smaller than in New York, but everything edible looked very tempting, and after an initial exploratory round, we felt like ordering everything. We took another round to make up our minds and ended up getting a grilled lobster from Lobsterdamus. You could choose between ordinary butter and Cajun butter, but both options sounded heavenly, so we had one half with each. The Cajun butter was the best. The spicy, yet buttery flavor provided the perfect kick to the freshly grilled lobster.

On our way to the table, Trine fell in love with a pink passionfruit soda from Popdup Store, which makes delicious gourmet sodas with real fruit and raw sugar. I had a Michelada from I Love Michelada’s Michemobil. For many years, my standard summer drink has been a glass of chilled rosé, but this summer, I’ve been drinking a lot of Micheladas. Micheladas are like beer with Bloody Mary mix, so if you like savory, spicy drinks, you’ll probably also like Micheladas.

On our way out, we spotted the Guerilla Tacos food truck, so even though I was full, there was no way around: I had to order something. The last couple of times I’ve been to LA, I’ve wanted to try their tacos, but I’ve never managed to be at the same place as their food truck. I had an Ahi Tuna Tostada with white miso. Exactly as tasty as it sounds.

Smorgasburg LA, Row DTLA, 777 S. Alameda Street, LA, Every Sunday 10am-4pm

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