Kitson – Los Angeles Shopping

by Sanne
Kitson - Los Angeles

Celebrity favorite Kitson’s original store is strategically located on the sweet spot of Robertson Boulevard close to The Ivy restaurant, which is also very popular among the rich and famous in this part of the city. 

At Kitson you’ll find all you need to get that casual-yet-supertrendy and young LA style. Kitson is like a time machine that will beam you up to see what’s in fashion next year.

You might not recognize the brands on the shelves but rest assured that they will show up in your local mall in a decade or two.
Kitson is also good for celebrity spotting, so don’t be surprised if you see paparazzi sneaking around in the area.

• If you have watched The Bling Ring, you’ll probably recognize Kitson as one of the stores, where the kids go on a shopping spree.

Kitson, 115 S. Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles

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