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by Sanne

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Yesterday, we went for a late dinner at Katana, which is just across the street from where we’re staying. We ordered the Izakaya Feast, which for $60 provides a wallet-friendly introduction to the highlights at Katana. Our Feast last night started with a selection of appetizers including a superb spicy tuna on crispy rice. It was amazing and Trine claimed it was the best thing she had ever eaten.

Then followed three different kinds of skewers, and here comes a little rant. I don’t like the term American Kobe beef, because there’s no such thing. There’s Japanese Kobe beef, which is a kind of Japanese wagyu and graded according to Japanese standards. The American wannabe rarely come close to the Japanese original, and I think it’s misleading to call it American Kobe. Rant over.

The skewers were very tasty and the dipping sauces were delicious. I usually prefer to eat salmon raw, but the salmon robata at Katana was fatty and juicy and rather awesome.

The last thing we had was a big plate of assorted sushi including a lobster maki roll. It looked appetizing, but at that time, Trine was feeling jetlag dizzy, so we decided to call it a night and get the sushi to go. Trine went straight to bed and the sushi went into the fridge. I usually like the robata at Katana better than their sushi, but this morning, I had the lobster maki from yesterday. If a maki roll can taste this good after 12 hours in the fridge, I can only imagine, how it must be straight from the kitchen.

Katana, 8439 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, Tel: +1 (323)-650 8585, Hours: Sun+Mon: 6pm-11pm, Tue+Wed: 6pm-11:30pm, Thu-Sat: 6pm-12:30 midnight
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