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Los Angeles: ArcLight Cinemas – Sex and Vampires in the City

by Sanne
Alexander Skarsgård, ArcLight Hollywood, Los Angeles

When I was in Los Angeles with Trine in 2010, we went to ArcLight Cinemas on Sunset Blvd one night to watch Sex and the City 2. At the entrance a large crowd of dressed-up teenage girls was blocking the way while security staff struggled to keep the pavement clear.We asked for the reason for all the fuss, and an overexcited girl explained/screamed to us that the new True Blood vampire was expected to appear within a very short time.

It turned out to be true (blood…ha ha!), as only a minute or so later, people started shouting “Alex! Alex!”. Alex turned out to be a tall and handsome young man, but even though I looked very closely, I didn’t see any vampire teeth or other features that might reveal his blood-sucking personality.

I had no idea about who this Alex was but both Trine and I got carried away by the star struck ambience and I quickly snapped some images of the vampire, just in case…

After the movie our plan was to sip Cosmopolitans to the early morning, but unfortunately, 7Eleven was the only place open on our way back to the hotel. Trine and I both agreed that it would be rather blasphemous to wash down such a movie with canned beer in a brown bag, so we decided to call it a night and went to bed instead.

When it comes to gossip concerning A-, B- and C-list celebrities, Trine is one of the most well versed persons I know. During our weeks in LA she managed to locate Jessica Simpson’s hair stylist, the restaurant where they eat sushi in The Hills and lots of other must-see places for gossip girls.

Trine is not only fully updated with who’s dating who, but also all ex-girlfriends and ex-girlfriends’ ex-girlfriends. I am so impressed with how she keeps track of all those details!

The source of her knowledge is an endless stream of gossip magazines, which she devours raw along with her new favorite snack, beef jerky.
It was in one of those magazines that she, a couple of days later, discovered that the vampire-guy was Alexander Skarsgård, the Swedish actor known from several Hollywood productions and, most importantly, from a Swedish soap I used to watch, when I was a teenager….huge!

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