Los Angeles: Brandon’s House (not in Beverly Hills)

by Sanne
Brandon's House, Beverly Hills 90210
Brandon’s House

Do you remember Beverly Hills 90210? The original one starring Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty? I do, and yes, it makes me feel old:)

I was 12 years old when the show first aired in Denmark, and from my couch in rural Denmark, I couldn’t really relate to the glamorous lifestyle of Donna, Kelly and Brenda, but I learned that you were not supposed to like Brenda, as she was with Dylan, and Dylan was the one every girl in my school would want to date, if they were living in Beverly Hills, of course. 90210 was huge, and watching the show was just as important for your social life as neon scrunchies and a mixtape with MC Hammer and, without a doubt the most influential tv series at that time.

In 2008, I was in Livermore in California to do a course in basic aerobatics while training for my pilot license. It was my first visit to California, and after finishing the course, a classmate, Mike, and I spent a couple of days in Los Angeles.

I don’t consider myself a stalker, but when Mike suggested that we went to see the Walsh House, I just couldn’t resist. He had found the address on the internet (ok, stalker warning), and it turned out that the house is not in Beverly Hills, but in the outskirts of LA, in an area called Altadena. The address? 1675 E. Altadena Drive.

It took us about 45 minutes by car to get there and yet another 15 minutes to find the right house, but there it was, Casa Walsh!

A little further down the road, we found Dylan’s house, but regrettably, neither Dylan, Brandon nor Brenda were home, so after cruising around the area humming the 90210 theme for a while, we headed back to our hotel.

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