Los Angeles Blog: Alone in LA

by Sanne
Los Angeles Blog

Yesterday, I left New York City with a heavy heart. I’ve had such a good time there, and I really didn’t want to leave. Visiting Los Angeles for a week all by myself, sounded like an excellent idea during the planning phase, but when I boarded the Delta-flight to LAX, I just felt meh. All my previous trips to LA have been with friends so dealing with this city all by myself is completely new to me and rather scary.

First of all, you’d need a car to get around LA, but what I didn’t consider was that you’d also need a navigator/map reader. The Google Maps lady-voice was a great help to get me from the airport to Hollywood, but I really missed someone in the passenger seat to set up new routings and provide me with guidance, when the Google lady gave me ambiguous instructions. Another thing is that a lot of the sights and tourist attractions in the city are geared towards groups. I mean, visiting Disneyland on my own doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, even though I might do it anyway, as I’ve never been there. I’ve also considered driving to Mexico, but then again, what would I do alone in Tijuana?

I stay at a budget hotel/motel on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood a bit further east than any of my previous visits, but it’s a really nice area close to the Hollywood/Vine subway station, which will take me to West Hollywood in only a few minutes. I’m also close to Silver Lake and I’ve actually planned to go running in that area today.

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