Los Angeles day trip: Balboa Island

by Sanne
Balboa Island, Los Angeles day trip

Balboa Island consists of 3 small, man-made islands attached to Newport Beach by a bridge. The streets are narrow, and the houses are tiny but beautiful. The whole environment just screams creativity and inner peace in a way that makes you want to write a poem, do a painting or take a picture:)

Many of the houses facing the sea had their own private landing stage. Can you imagine? Just walk out of the door and right into your boat.

Walking around the main island didn’t take more than an hour, and when we got back to the main street, we couldn’t help looking at the ads displayed in the local real estate agents’ windows. Look and dream..

Houses in this area doesn’t come cheap and later on, I found out that Balboa Island is in fact one of the most expensive areas to buy property in Orange County.

Visit Balboa Island, and you’ll understand why, since this place is absolutely adorable, and among one of the most beautiful and picturesque places, we saw during our trip.

I have a lottery-list, to which I’ll add things I would like to buy or places I would like to live, in case I win the lottery. Balboa Island, you’re now officially on that list!

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