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by Sanne
BCD Tofu House Los Angeles

BCD Tofu House is a small chain of restaurants specializing in Korean Soon Tofu, soft tofu, which is served in a scrumptious, smoking hot soup, soondubu jjigae, seasoned with chili and kimchi. BCD Tofu House was founded by Korean immigrant Hee Sook Lee and the first restaurant opened in LA in 1996. Today there are 13 branches including one in Koreatown, New York.

The restaurant on Wilshire Blvd opened back in 2000, and it’s one of the most popular branches. The restaurant seems busy at all times, especially around lunch and dinner, but the dining area is really big, and the line moves fast, so don’t let a little waiting time scare you off. On weekends, this branch of BCD Tofu House is a popular place to go, to end a night out in Koreatown.

A bowl of tofu soup is around $10 and includes a nice selection of banchan (Korean small dishes) and rice. You choose the level of spiciness (ranges from Plain to Danger). I usually go for the medium level, but Korean Medium Spicy is very spicy, so be careful.

The soup is very filling so you don’t really need to order anything else, but if you’re looking to add more meat to your meal, the Galbi (marinated Korean short ribs) at BCD Tofu House are really good. The different combo meals which include tofu soup and a meat dish, are good value for money.

Btw did you know that BCD stands for Bukchang Dong, which is a city in Korea, where the founder Hee Sook Lee’s mother-in-law used to run a restaurant.

What to order? Tofu soup, as hot as you can handle it

BCD Tofu House 3575 Wilshire Blvd, (Corner of Wilshire & Kingsley), Los Angeles, CA 90010, Tel: +1 (213) 382-6677, Hours: All days, 24hours

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