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Los Angeles: Little Tokyo and Cafe Dulce

by Sanne
Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

What I really like about LA are all the different ethnic neighborhoods. Some might say it’s just a case of integration gone wrong with people just sticking to themselves, but I love this cultural mosaic and the opportunities that come with it, especially food-wise.

One of the areas, which I really like, is Little Tokyo. Even though the borders defining the area have changed with time, Little Tokyo has been little Tokyo for more than 100 years, except for a break during the years following World War II, when the Japanese Americans were incarcerated.

The heart of Little Tokyo is the Japanese Village Plaza, which is like an outdoor mall with restaurants, shops and beauty salons. There’s even a Japanese supermarket selling all sorts of Japanese foodstuffs and of course a Hello Kitty store.

While there are lots of nice Japanese restaurants in Little Tokyo, my foodie mission yesterday wasn’t sushi or ramen, but a doughnut from Cafe Dulce.

I was advised to try this place by an Instagram friend, and I was happy, I went. I had a donut with strawberry and cream and it was amazing. How will I ever be able to go back to Krispy Kreme after this?

The bacon donuts also caught my attention, but even though I like both bacon and donuts, I’m not really sure what to think of that combo. Maybe some other time.

A lot of big cities have a few blocks with Japanese stores and restaurants, but I don’t recall seeing any official Little Tokyos (or will it be J-towns?) anywhere else in the world.

Cafe Dulce, 134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

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