Los Angeles: Manhattan Beach Pier

by Sanne
Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach are probably the most famous beaches in Los Angeles, and if it’s your first time in the city, you should definitely go there. Though after snapping the mandatory pictures of The Pier, The Freaks and The Muscles, head a little further down south to Manhattan Beach for a much nicer and more chill experience.

I discovered Manhattan Beach by coincidence back in 2011, when I stayed at an airport hotel with free shuttle to the beach, and today, it’s my favorite beach in the city. It’s usually easier and less expensive to find parking, and on Ocean Drive, just one block from the beach, there are plenty of cozy cafes, shops and restaurants.

When I was back in Los Angeles last month, I drove down to Manhattan Beach for an early morning swim, but I had forgotten how cool the Pacific is compared to the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf, so I quickly changed my mind.

Instead I played around with my camera on the beach and under the pier. Some of the pictures turned out great, some of them not so much. I’m still struggling with the settings, and yes, I know I really should read that manual…

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