Los Angeles: Universal Studios and Fear Factor Live

by Sanne
Fear Factor Live, Universal Studios, Los Angeles

One of the stranger experiences, I’ve had in Los Angeles, was back in 2008. We were doing an aerobatics course in Livermore, and when the course was done, my friend Mike and I went on a road trip to Los Angeles, where we visited Universal Studios.

Back then, one of the main attractions at Universal Studios was “Fear Factor Live”, which we, for reasons I still don’t understand, signed up for. Yes, we signed up as contestants! The main prize was an annual pass to Universal Studios, and we were 6 contestants.

The first challenge was called “The Endurance Hang”. We were hanging from bars several meters above the ground, and the first one to fall was eliminated. Luckily, I was the first one to lose my grip. I actually fell down the very moment the platform, we were standing on, was removed.

The reason why I wrote “luckily” is that Mike and the other successful contestants had to endure some really disgusting tasks, such as drinking smoothies made from expired milk and pig’s eyes, as well as fetching different things from an aquarium full of slimy eels.

Today, Mike still blames me for letting go on purpose, because I knew what was coming. For all his suffering, Mike received a voucher for a free coke in one of the restaurants..

He spent the rest of the day on the verge of puking and couldn’t really enjoy the attractions in the park. Not even a hug by Homer Simpson himself could cheer him up. Signing up for Fear Factor Live was just beyond stupid, but we have laughed a lot about the experience afterwards..

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