Santa Monica Pier: Seagulls and funnel cake

by Sanne
Santa Monica Pier

When we were in LA, we drove down to Santa Monica Beach one of the days. The weather was great, so we spent a couple of hours on the beach, working on our tans, before we went for a walk on Santa Monica Pier.

I spotted a place selling funnel cake, so I convinced the others to join me for this super tasty treat. Funnel cake is pieces of deep fried batter, and it tastes a bit like donuts. You can eat the funnel cake sprinkled with powdered sugar, or indulge in a full-blown calorie feast and have your funnel cake with soft ice on top, which was what I had.

Afterwards we took a ride in the Ferris wheel, which is Santa Monica Pier’s landmark. The view from the top of the wheel is really good, so we made sure to snap lots of pictures.

As we walked down the beach we thought we were witnessing one of nature’s wonders, as we saw some seagulls surrounded by lots of smaller birds, which we were convinced were gull chicks. Though, when I got home and showed my parents the pictures, they laughed and told me that no, it wasn’t gull chicks, but another kind of rather ordinary birds (I have already forgotten what they are called), which were hanging out with the seagulls down at the beach:)

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