The Grove/Farmers Market – Outdoor shopping in Los Angeles

by Sanne
The Grove and Farmers Market, Los Angeles

One of the nicest places for shopping in LA is The Grove/Farmers Market. The Grove is an outdoor shopping mall, with a layout that resembles a small village. The stores are similar to those you usually find in traditional shopping malls, but it’s so much nicer to be able to walk around outside in the sun instead of being cooked alive under a hot glass roof. 

The Grove is more or less merged with Farmers Market, where you can buy all sorts of delicacies as well as fruit and vegetables. There are also lots of food stalls that sell food from all over the world. We had Italian food for lunch, but other options at the market included Korean, Brazilian, Mexican and Spanish food.

The Grove and The Original Farmers Market are located next to each other and provide one of LA’s most popular shopping destinations. The Grove is a laid-back out-door shopping mall, and the layout is like a small village with shops and restaurants in all the low-rise buildings.

Most high-street brands are represented here, and the selection of shops is not particularly different from what you will find in other malls in the city, but the cozy settings and the nearby Farmers Market makes it worth a visit.

The adjacent Farmers Market is a plethora of food stalls and eateries, and no matter which cuisine you are craving, you will most likely find it here. Some stall sells fresh produce (often local) and others sell ethnic food products from all over the world, and Farmers Market is popular among foodies.

• I usually arrive around noon and start with lunch at one of the eateries or food stalls at Farmers Market before continuing on an all day shopping spree at The Grove.

• On the other side of W. 3rd Street, there is a branch of Ross Dress For Less (outlet store)

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The Grove/Farmers Market, 189 The Grove Drive, Fairfax, Los Angeles

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