Helsingborg: TV and Swedish pizza

by Sanne
Helsingborg, Swedish fika

This weekend I was visiting Rikke in Helsingborg in Sweden. It had been such a long time since my last visit, so our plans for the weekend included champagne cocktails and high heels.

Though I have struggled with this cold from hell ever since I got back from Bangkok, and I still had a fever, so our party plans turned into TV-time and Swedish pizza with béarnaise sauce instead. In Sweden the pizzas come with a serving of pizza salad, which is cabbage mixed with a dressing made from oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. So good! I used to live in Sweden for 6 years, and the Swedish pizzas (along with pizza salad) are one of the things I miss the most.

I only rarely watch TV, and when I do, I prefer Animal Planet (weird, I know) so we started watching a program about orcas. Though it didn’t take long until Rikke vetoed and insisted that we at least watched something with humans, so we ended up going through a few episodes of The Blacklist, which turned out to be really good. How was your weekend?

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