Los Angeles: Take-out from Thien Huong in Chinatown

by Sanne

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I really like the dynamic vibe of Los Angeles, and I’m fascinated by how fast things change in this otherwise very laid-back city. Since last time I was in Los Angeles, Ketchup on Sunset Blvd. has been closed down, which is such a shame since the concept was great and I would have recommended it anytime. Instead there is now a restaurant called Lemon Basket, which I have planned to visit, but skipped due to some rather lousy online reviews.

Fortunately Geisha House on Hollywood Blvd. had not moved, and a visit on a Monday evening assured me that this is still one of the best places to have your sushi in Los Angeles.

Another place still alive and kicking is Thien Huong in Chinatown. Thien Huong serves cheap and very tasty Vietnamese food. I went there with Trine last year, and I was really impressed by the tasty food and the very low prices, so today I went back with Poul and Cecce. There is always crowded around lunchtime, when people arrive for a hot bowl of Pho inside the restaurant, or queue up outside to buy some of their delicious take-away dishes.

Their pho is available in several sizes and tastes magnificent, but this time we were in a hurry, so we had the fresh spring rolls to go. We ate them in the car before we drove off to Little Tokyo. Will write more about Little Tokyo in another post.


Thien Huong, Far East Plaza, 727 N Broadway, Chinatown, Los Angeles

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