Fredericia: Casual dinner at Hong Kong

by Sanne

Hong Kong Restaurant in Fredericia, Denmark


Last weekend, I was in Fredericia, so one of the days, Trine and I went to have dinner at Hong Kong Restaurant, as we always do, when we’re both in town at the same time. A couple of years back, we ended up at Hong Kong by coincidence, and it has gradually turned into one of our unexpected favorites.

They have this Mongolian barbecue/Asian buffet concept, and while it might not be as fancy as the one at Djengis Khan (the other Mongolian barbecue restaurant in the city), I’ve learned to appreciate the kitschy coziness of this place. Just check out the panda paintings in the photos below, and you’ll know what I mean.

You pick the vegetables and meat you want from the buffet, and hand over your plate to the staff, who will then mix it with the sauce of your choice and stir fry everything in the open kitchen.

There are also other dished included in the buffet price, but I’ve never really considered trying any of them, except for the soup, which is very nice.

Admittedly, there are better Chinese food around (the owners are btw. Vietnamese), but it’s cheap, and the staff are always super friendly. Hong Kong will most likely never get a Michelin star, but I’m quite sure that they couldn’t care less, and Hong Kong, I like you just the way you are!



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Chiara April 4, 2017 - 5:53 pm

Every time I read your blog I leave hungry, Mitzie! I haven’t had dinner yet and want all of these amazing looking dishes 🙂


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