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Filur – A Danish popsicle with a funny face

by Sanne
Filur, Danish popsicle

My sister Trine has a thing for the Danish popsicle Filur, so every time she comes to visit in Copenhagen, I make sure that I have a package in the freezer. Filur is a good old Danish classic, and all the wonderful childhood memories associated with Filur more than compensates for what it lacks in terms of flavor and reasonable price.

The yellow part of the popsicle tastes like lemon or orange, and the red part tastes like artificial strawberry. When I was a kid, I remember Filur to always have a happy face, but nowadays it usually requires quite an effort to make anything out of the blurred red dots. The ultimate highlight is therefore, when you  once in a blue moon happen to get a Filur that actually has a face resembling the picture on the package. What can I say? Simple brains, simple pleasures..

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