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A night out in San Francisco – Mr. Tipple’s & Martuni’

by Sanne
Mr. Tipple's, San Francisco

Our new friends from the table next to ours at Absinthe recommended that Tina, Rebecca and I went to the jazz club Mr. Tipple’s after our dinner. It was a really cozy place with the sweetest staff, and a very nice crowd.

That night, The Tammy Hall Quartet was playing, and it was Tammy’s birthday. There was such a good vibe at the club and the music was just amazing, so when they were closing, we were far from ready to go back to the hotel to sleep. Instead went on to Martuni’s, which is a piano bar in Mission.

Martuni’s had a different, somewhat younger, crowd, and when we arrived, there was some singing going on up at the DJ desk, but it stopped after a while, and the rest of the night, it was mostly commercial hits. We stayed until closing time, finished our drinks and then got an Uber back to The Herbert Hotel.

Mr. Tipples Recording Studio, 39 Fell St, San Francisco

Martuni’s, 4 Valencia St, San Francisco

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